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Today we keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things, but never forgetting what really got us here: our focus on finding innovative electronic solutions for a smarter, simpler and better quality life for all users! Under the official Amoovars seal, we have already succeeded in launching many exciting products on the market, including home lighting, small household appliances, new technology products and many more. Our sales channels can be easily found through renowned e-commerce platforms, online stores and offline chain stores located mainly in Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Expand Western Market

After nearly two years of hard work and smart development, Amoovars has grown significantly in the Asian market, mainly in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, gradually increasing online and in-store sales. Following such a successful campaign, Amoovars began to expand and we finally established ourselves in the new Western market in June 2020, with the solid ambition to reach the entire world and fully committed to bringing a better life to our new European and American customers.



Amoovars was originally founded in February 2019 by a talented team of designers ,engineers and marketers, focusing primarily on advanced home lighting products and promoting them on popular e-commerce platforms both in Hong Kong and Taiwan.



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